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Many light manufacturers charge a specialist fee to run the lighting design for your installation. Especially because the lighting design is computer controlled, they’ll be capable to switch the colors and power as your different room for different purpose that will most suitable for each using.

The 2nd cost associated with time depends upon the amount necessary for setup. In case your setup is longer, then that’s since your package requires more equipment. A lot of companies won’t charge you for setup or tear down, since this cost has already been bundled into your package. In case the company you employ has to travel greater than 2hours, they may need travel fees. The journey fees may depend on the bundle you reserved for the event.

However at Ascorp we are different because we are also house owner, restaurant owner and room designer, so we know all of the things about how to make your room design in most appropriate arrangement.event if your favorite room style are retro, vintage, classic or loft, we can help you make your happy everyday life in the whole place from bedroom to your home office.

Contact us for more information and we can work together to archive your dream space.